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DEFA WorkshopCharger 90-125A - Hoist ready with 16.4' DC Cable and bracket for installation

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The DEFA Workshop Charger 90-125A is based on modern switch-mode technology and will help maintain the battery’s optimal performance and durability. It is compatible with all types of automotive batteries, including WET, AGM, EFB, GEL and lithium-ion. With its capability to provide continuous output power of 125A, the Workshop Charger 90-125A is perfect for all ECU programming and diagnostic jobs. With the intuitive display and menu options you have a flexible and versatile charger for improved efficiency.


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  • SAFE: Protects vehicle electronics - non-sparking, reverse polarity and short-circuit protection.
  • POWERFUL: Power supply with continuous amperage levels up to 125A and no derating thanks to its high 95%+ efficiency.
  • OPTIMAL CHARGING: Dual temp sensors in the charger and on the clamp to define the correct charging curve
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Unique in its category with large display Intuitive interface, and menu in local language and smart features
  • EXPERT MODE: Program the charging curve to suit OE requirements with increments as little as 0.1V when setting “Top Charge” (14.0V-15.8V) and Maintenance Charge (13.2V-13.8V)
  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: The charger comes standard with brackets to allow installation on a wall, or on the hoist, or on a service cart.
  • DETACHABLE CABLE: To fit the length you need. Standard supplied with 5m/16.4’ DC cables to service vehicles on the hoist.
  • DESIGNED FOR THE FUTURE With its USB port for software update.



Weight approx. 16 lbs