GClear OE Professional Headlight Restoration System

USD $742.00

Made In The USA

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This system equips the professional to restores headlights using OEM technology. It allows you to quickly remove the oxidized coating and then re-coat it and cure it. It is as easy as clear, coat, cure. 1. Simply CLEAR the old coating away 2. COAT with the new OEM coating (wipe-on, no more messy spray-on) 3. CURE it with UV for a shine that lasts for years!

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  • Uses a wipe-on OEM grade coating to restore the headlights to like new condition.
  • Results that last for years, not months or weeks.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art UV curing technology for a fast and durable, fully cross-linked polymer finish.
  • Minimizes oxygen inhibition providing the fastest curing times with a safe UVA curing light.
  • Offers a brilliant, long lasting, streak-free finish.
  • Includes all the tools and supplies your shop needs, plus consumables for 40+ sets of headlights.
  • Kit contains: Gclear UV Curing Light and Stand that is adjustable from 24 to 60.
  • Gclear OEM UV Hard Coat (2 – 8 oz. bottles).
  • Gclear Applicator Pads (4).



756-GW-H01000 GClear UV Light Bulb $52.00 Add to cart
756-GW-H02102 Gclear UV Coating – 8 oz $58.00 Add to cart
756-GW-H03120 GClear Disks 1200 Grit (10 Pack) $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-H03200 GClear Disks 2000 Grit (10 Pack) $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-H03320 Clear Disks 320 Grit (10 Pack) $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-H03600 GClear Disks 600 Grit (10 Pack) $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-H04010 Gclear Applicator Pad $2.00 Add to cart