A10 Warthog HD Package



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Package includes:

  • 38-A10-BASE-IBT -- A10 Warthog Base
  • 38-50-6ADP -- 6 Adapters
  • 38-50-ACC -- Accessory Kit



  • PTO drive and external gear box provide 2X the start-up torque. Great for all-wheel drive vehicles!
  • Deeper reach and 8 lbs. of extra mass allow for quieter cuts on any vehicle.
  • Fixed post, disc-lock trolley provides a wider base for greater stability and new carriage design for perfect zero gravity effect.
  • DRO computer with digital display of live run-out and "odometer" readings that provide motor hour, number of cuts, average comp time and ROI Data.



38-50-1200UPG G2X Upgrade Package for PFM92 or Warthog $1,735.00 Add to cart
38-50-1360 GYR Upgrade Package for Warthog or PFM92 $1,740.00 Add to cart



38-50-174 Speed Nut Kit & Holster $182.00 Add to cart
38-50-179 Nut & Bold Kit with case $96.00 Add to cart
38-50-683 Heavy Duty Adapter $475.00 Add to cart
38-50-693 5-Lug Adapter $475.00 Add to cart
38-50-743 PCBN Cutting Tips $193.00 Add to cart