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If an exhaust ventilation system is in your plans for new construction, replacing an existing exhaust system, or expanding your service facility. Be sure to check out the advantage and features of a EuroVent system from JohnDow Industries. Call for design and pricing assistance.



  • Euro-styling enhances the appearance of any service area.
  • Trolley system makes efficient use of all service bays.
  • Exhaust rail design effectively removes harmful exhaust fumes.
  • Aluminum rail is designed to serve as an exhaust ventilation canal, as well as trolley rail for the sliding crab.
  • Self-supporting shape and lightweight construction of the rail makes installation easy.
  • Unique rail design allows the crab to smoothly travel along its length, utilizing eight ball bearing, Teflon� wheels.
  • Rail incorporates a neoprene seal that closes tight when the system is on, allowing the effective removal of exhaust fumes by the ventilation crab from any position along the rail.



320-ALU-13 13" cast aluminum for automotive applications. Includes neoprene seal. $723.00 Add to cart
320-ATS100 Hose Support -- Used to support hose off floor (4-inch hose). $35.00 Add to cart
320-Call Exhaust Fans -- All fans designed for exhaust extraction systems. UL approved. Call your Dealer Consultant for proper sizing. $0.25 Add to cart
320-CSA170/100 Sliding Ventilation Crabs -- For ALU-170 rail (4-inch dia. hose) $382.00 Add to cart
320-CSA170/75 Sliding Ventilation Crabs -- For ALU-170 rail (3-inch dia. hose) $382.00 Add to cart
320-FCA170A Fan Connecting Flange -- Connects AVA-SP fans to exhaust rail. $50.00 Add to cart
320-FCL170A Duct Connecting Flange -- Connects exhaust rail to other ducting. $50.00 Add to cart
320-FL170A Flanged Stop -- Seals rail, prevents sliding crab from derailing. $42.00 Add to cart
320-QCN-2041 Tailpipe Adapter -- With gas inlet 5-1/2-inch to 4-inch dia. $112.00 Add to cart
320-TL170A Rail Connecting Flange -- Joins aluminum rails together. $42.00 Add to cart