Insulation Tester IR4057-90

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Hioki insulation testers or megohmmeters feature all-in-one designs including built-in rugged cases and test lead storage compartments. The IR4057-90 is a 5-range, 50V to 1000V digital insulation resistance tester with bargraph, and delivers efficient functions and features to help shorten work time associated with field insulation testing. CAT III 600 V *Included Accessories •Connection cable L4930 ×1 •Alligator clip set L4935 ×1 •Test pin set L4938 ×1 •Neck strap ×1 •Instruction manual ×1 •LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×4 •Wireless adapter Z3210 x 1



  • Wireless support. Transfers measurements to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to quickly create reports with field photos and drawings. (Comes with Wireless Adapter Z3210).
  • Wirelessly transfer measurement data to Excel forms for input .
  • 5-range testing voltage of 50 V/100 MΩ to 1000 V/4000 MΩ.
  • Digital bar graph.
  • Stable & high-speed digital readings, 0.3 second response time for PASS/ FAIL decisions.
  • Drop proof onto concrete from 1m (3.28 feet).
  • Bright LED, luminous LCD, test lead with bright LED lamp to illuminate near hand (Option L9788-11 or L9788-10).
  • Continuity check via 200 mA testing.
  • Built in AC/DC voltage meter, useful for testing solar power generation systems and electric vehicles.



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