Ninja Total Electronic Key Cutting Machine



KEYLINE USA (Bianchi USA, Inc)

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Complete code cutting machine for high security, edge cut and dimple keys. Includes C30 clamp, A03 clamp and AV12 adaptor.



  • Complete database of code systems built-in; no computer needed
  • Cuts by code, decode or depths for high security, edge cut and dimple keys
  • Z-axis allows for easy key insertion and dimple key cutting
  • Innovative, 7" color touch screen console
  • Electronic calibration
  • Software easily updated through USB flash drive or Internet



Power supply 120 / 60 / 4 V/Hz/A
Power consumption 0.36 kW
Weight approx. 65 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 15 x 17 x 13 (machine) inch



772-OPZ04873B A02 Clamp $525.00 Add to cart
772-OPZ04875B A03 Clamp $525.00 Add to cart
772-OPZ04877B A04 Clamp $525.00 Add to cart
772-OPZ09335B C25 Clamp-Engraving $784.00 Add to cart
772-OPZ10269B AD05 Adaptor-Infiniti/Mercedes $74.00 Add to cart
772-OPZ10588B C41 Clamp-Tibbe Keys $672.00 Add to cart
772-OPZ10631B AD06 Adaptor-Lexus/Hyundai/Kia $74.00 Add to cart
772-RIC05048B V003 Cutter-High Security Keys $163.00 Add to cart
772-RIC05348B T01 Tracer-High Security Keys $57.00 Add to cart
772-RIC09168B 63mm Carbide Cutter-Edge Cut Keys $280.00 Add to cart



772-OPZ09454B Console Arm Support $259.00 Add to cart